Gracious Parcels, Waco


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Habitat for Humanity

I finally finished the blanket and presented it to the Habitat family on Saturday, July 21.  It was awsome!  I am trying to post a picture of the blanket and the family.  It is a women with 5 girls and the home is really nice.  It is in an older part of town that the city is doing some renovation in and the house has a great front porch and is only 2 blocks from the Brazos and a wonderful, very large park.  The home owner was very grateful for the gifts she received and proud of the skills they all learned while building the house.  Oh, it was built by Women!!! from Curves, who sponsored.

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We have another member of our Breast Cancer 3-Day.  She joined last week.  We will are meeting next week to get our fund raisers planned out and who will do what!  It is really comming together and I think that raising the $2,200 each will be a fun challange.  Please visit my 3 day page at or search for our team, Team Waco!  Make a donation please!

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Almost there!

Thanks to the generosity of others we have 42 of our 49 squares!  I am so excited!  I want to thank S. in Memphis and my sister-in-law for all they have done.  It will be easy to finish the 7 squares left and put the blanket together in time for our dedication the end of June.  It has really been fun putting this together and I look forward to doing more.  I will post pictures on Sunday afternoon of the whole process!  I love knitting and it is so good to do something, no matter how small for others.  “Give and you shall receive” truly is the way!

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I finally got a new digital camera Saturday!  Now I can post pics of our squares (I need to count them again).  Our first dedication will be toward the end of June or the first part of July, so we really need to get with it. 

I got my first comment, came to me via Firefly at I live on a farm.  I am so excited.  Sharon in Hawaii has offered to send squares for our Waco Gracious Parcels!  Maybe others will stop by and offer a square or two.  I know my blog is not the best or most interesting, but it does come from the heart.  Not only mine but some of the great people I work with and others that take the time to share their skill and caring to help us out.  A big THANKS to you all.

Sharing and caring about you community, whatever that may be is what life is about!  Life is an adventure and you never know who you will meet and who may join you along the way!!


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Weekend Stuff

Going out of town again this weekend.  Granddaughter 1 has her middle school graduation banquet tonight!  I can’t believe she is almost 15.  Wow, how time flys! 

Knitting time in the car is knitting time for me.  I put yarn in my bag and hope to get a few more squares done for our “Memory Blanket” for HFH.  Slowly getting there with the squares.  I am starting my classes up again next week at work so we should have enough for the blanket soon.

Hopefully I can post some pictures soon.  Going to buy a new digital camera today.  I saw one I wanted in the sales papers yesterday.

Take care everyone!


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Another Square Done!

I finished 2 more squares for our Habitat for Humanity Memory Blanket last night.  I have lost count on how many we now have.  It is gratifying to finish a square and be that much closer to our goal, but sometimes it goes so slowly!  e-mail me if you want to help put our blanket into a families hands!

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Plans to Walk!

We have lots of things planned for fundraisers in our quest of the Komen 3-Day!  Book sale, garage sale, begging!  $2,200 is alot of money and we have some pledges but we need more.  Please go to the website and donate a dollar or two or more if you can find it in your heart (and budget).  Thank You, from myself, Whitneyknitter and our team (as yet un-named).  If anyone has an idea about a name, please send it in a comment!

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Fund Raising for the CURE!

I have started a team for the Komen 3-Day Walk.  Each person that walks must raise at least $2,200 by the time of the race, Dallas/Ft. Worth’s race is in October.  I have had several donation’s made and pledges from others.  We have to get busy and pick a team name, get sponsors and train to walk the 60 miles over a 3-day weekend!  WOW!  What a challange!  But, if I don’t do it, who will?  Please all that happen to read this go to my website and donate something, big or small it will ad up and we will contribute to the research that WILL find a cure!!!!!  or better yet, start a team of your own, or volunteer as a crew member!  It’s important that we all pitch in and do our part so our daughter’s, granddaughter’s and future generations will have HOPE!

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Plugging along

Well I finished another square Saturday while riding with DH to Grandbury.  Got another squre started too!  This is going so slow!  My classes have been posponed due to Dr. Appts., errands and other stuff for either myself or my “students”.  Hopefully we can get back on track soon.  The closing for our first family is this month, maybe next, and we don’t have enough squares for the blanket.  We do have a back-up plan though.  A friend, LD, has gathered the materials to do a “quick” blanket with fleece.  The fleece is really beautiful and soft so I hope we can get that done this week.  Please say a little prayer that we can pull this off for the well deserving family that is buying a Habitat for Humanity Home!

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